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Paradise and Plenty

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Heaton: Praise 3

Tavener: The Lamb 

                Song for Athene

Messaien; Organ Work

MacMillan: A Child's Prayer

                   O Radiant Dawn

                   In Splendoribus Sanctorum with trumpet solo Sasha Canter +Eric Ball: Journey into Freedom

Arvo Pärt: Which was the Son  of

Mascagni: Easter Hymn 




Organ piece: Saint Säens: Bacchanale

Frank Bridge: The Goslings

                       The Bee

Wilby: Paganini Variations from the In the Mood album 

Deep Purple

I Got Rhythm


Over the Rainbow

de Abreu: Tico Tico trumpet solo

Verdi: Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves

Saturday 18th May 2024

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