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Our Chairman's 2023 Report to the Charity Commission gives an insight into what we do.

'In our second full season of performance since the Covid lockdowns, the choir has put on two exceptional and highly contrasting concerts which have proved both exciting for the choir and have drawn great accolades from our audiences.'

Read more on our Latest News page.

Who We Are

Wendover Choral Society was founded in 1961.


We perform mostly classical music and it is not necessary to audition to join the choir.


The choir is directed by Peter Bassano a most experienced musician and conductor, and also the most patient man in the world!


Wendover Choral Society is supported by the Lionel Abel Smith Trust. We still have to raise money to promote our concerts and so organise a number of fund-raising and social events throughout the year.

We have a lot of fun at the rehearsals, in our social events and in staging our excellent concerts. We pride ourselves on being a community group open to all ages and abilities. Our rehearsals are informal and relaxed.

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